The Band

The Band

The Substitutes formed in 2002 with founding members, singer/guitarist Patrick Allen and former percussionist Matthew Hoffman. One year later, with the additions of Andy Buckle on guitar/vocals and Erik Perotti on bass, the Substitutes became regulars at local coffee venues and sandwich shops in the Hartford area. After original member Matthew Hoffman moved overseas, Dave Perotti joined to on drums and/or percussion. Andy Robbin joined the band in 2007 playing the keyboards, ukulele and helping with vocals.

The Substitutes have performed at various fundraisers and events over the years.

Currently, the Substitutes play mostly as a duo at a plethora of breweries, pubs and outdoor events.

The Substitutes' have a wide range of music beginning with early 50s rock and extending all the way to music from today! They love requests and are pretty willing to play any type of music that makes people happy!

Current Line Up

  • Patrick Allen - Guitar, Vocals

  • Erik Perotti - Bass

  • Andy Robbin - Keys, Ukulele, Vocals

  • Jacob Allen - Drums/Percussion